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Get HTML Code

To implement your counter, copy the code we provide below and paste it into your web page. (Use your mouse to highlight the code below or click the link above the code box to select the code. To copy it press Ctrl-c or right-click with your mouse and select Copy. To paste it press Ctrl-v or right-click with your mouse and select Paste.) If you are using a web site editor (such as Frontpage, Dreamweaver, etc.) you will need to paste the code into the HTML source code. We provide detailed Installation Instructions for many popular web page editors and web site providers.

On your site, your counter will essentially look like:

We offer several different versions of the code, depending on the type of page you will put it on. For most people, the Standard is the best choice. If this doesn't work for you, or if you need the code to validate to XHTML standard (required for Blogger and Google Pages), use the XHTML version of the code. Finally, use the BB version of the code if you are posting to a forum profile or other site that understands BB code.

Sometimes when you copy the code and paste it to your Web page, you end up seeing the code on your page instead of the counter. With some web page design programs, this can be resolved if you Copy the Implemented Counter instead of the raw source code.

Get your counter code: Standard, XHTML, BB Code.

2 Standard Code

The standard version of the counter code is appropriate for most sites. If you need XHTML validation (if your webpage is with Google Pages or Blogger) use the XHTML code instead.

Your counter code is in this box: (click to select code)

3 XHTML Code

This version of the code will validate to XHTML standards, which is needed for some sites including Blogger and Google Pages. If you get error messages when adding the standard code to your site, try this code instead.

Your counter code is in this box: (click to select code)

4 BB Code

Many forums do not allow HTML code, but support BB code instead. Use this if you are posting the counter to your forum profile or anywhere that requires BB code.

Your counter code is in this box: (click to select code)

4 Code Adjustments
You can place text around the counter and make size, style and positioning adjustments, but altering the counter code can cause your counter to malfunction. Alterations are recommended for experts only, but you can always re-copy the original code if there is a problem.

You may NOT use the counter on sites with offensive or illegal content, on password protected pages, or in any emails.

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