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Web Counter Sign Up - Step 2
Step 1. Select a hit counter style.
Step 2. Enter web site info.
Step 3. Copy counter code to your site.


The next step is to enter your web site and login information. The email address and password you provide below are used to login to your account to change your settings or view your site statistics. Your name and web site information allows us to personalize the service and makes it easy for you to manage multiple counters. The other information is used to setup your counter how you want it.

Leave the mouse pointer over the text on the left for details and help.
Style -
Your Name -
Email Address* -
Password -
Re-enter Password -
Site Name -
Site URL -
Starting Count -
Increment on** -All Hits Unique Visits Only
Agreement - I agree to the Terms of Use and Disclaimer

Submit info & Go to Step 3:

(After clicking wait for the page to load as your account is created.)

*It is important that you use a valid email address so that we can contact you if there is a problem with your counter. We will not provide your email address to advertisers—See our Privacy Policy
**If you select All Hits, your counter will increment on every hit, even repeated hits / reloads from the same user. If you set it to Unique Visits Only, the counter will not increment on sequential hits from the same user.

You may NOT use the counter on sites with illegal content or in any email.

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