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Web Site Statistics

A great feature of our counter service is that we include free web site statistics. This allows you to track the amount of traffic received on the page(s) where you added this hit counter. Browse the data and graphs below for historical data going back to when you added this hit counter to your page(s). Statistics are updated in real-time.

Recently we moved to faster servers and optimized much of our software. Unfortunately, a problem was introduced that caused the daily/weekly data to not update for some accounts. (Hits were being counted and the total was incrementing, but for 10 days all of these were being shown as today's hits.)

Sorry for the problem and any inconvenience it caused. Everything is now working correctly and the daily/weekly stats are up to date.

If you have and questions or spot any problems, please contact us.

You are not presently logged into your account. To access your web site statistics, you must first Login To Your Account.

If you get this message repeatedly, it probably means your web browser is not accepting the cookie we use to track logins. For more info on this, see our Help Info.

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